Round Top Spring 2023 Show Letter

Spring has come in like a lion with color finally returning to the winter landscape.  We cannot wait to return to Round Top in a few short weeks and see not only the roadsides filled with bluebonnets but also all of our loyal clients.  Our usual booth at The Original Round Top Antiques Fair, BIG RED BARN, Booth 380, will be filled with amazing pottery and spectacular jewelry to provide you with a “refresh” for your cupboards and tablescapes as well as to give your jewelry trove the much needed “perk” for the warm months ahead.  Show runs March 27.......

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Ready to make the annual voyage to Nashville?  We are!  Once again, we will be returning to The Nashville Show, formerly known as Music Valley, at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds on February 16-18.  Our booth will be in its usual location, second booth on the left along the wall from the main show entrance.  Advance tickets are on sale now at the show’s website, Like most dealers at this show, we have been stockpiling special pieces to bring specifically to this show.  We hope you will be enticed by this partial listing to make your plans now and come.......

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Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville Show Letter

2023 is in full swing and we are beyond excited to be returning to Antiques and Garden Show in Nashville, TN, February 2-5.  Our booth will be brimming with fresh pieces and most have been stashed away just waiting for this show!  We will be in the same location as last year. Tickets are already on sale and can be purchased at the show’s website, If you have never attended, this is one of the most beautiful and special shows we do.  Exhibit hall, the spacious Music City Center, is filled with top notch, curated dealers in a setting.......

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Round Top Fall 2022 Show Letter

As fall sneaks in bit by bit each day, we begin witnessing the decadent jewel tones of nature and the sanctuary our homes represent.  With this, our excitement grows to share the lush, exceedingly special, and carefully selected pieces which will add harmony, serenity, and happiness to your day.  Round Top will be upon us shortly, and we cannot wait to see you in our usual spot, Booth 380 at the BIG RED BARN at the Original Round Top Antiques Fair.  Show runs October 24 - 29.  Advance tickets are available to purchase at Whether it is the absolutely.......

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Victorian English Gold

Victorian English Gold Jewelry History

Victorian jewelry originated in England with the period from 1861-1885 known as The Grand Period. We specialize mostly in jewelry from this era. It is bolder in construction as this time frame saw women’s roles transitioning. A switch from dainty to bold construction was demanded due to women becoming more prevalent in business and demanding the right to vote. This move to a bolder look and increased demand was also attributed to the middle class having more access to higher paying jobs and being able to emulate the wealthy. Jewelry was used as a sign of a woman’s wealth and.......

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Yellowware ABC's

What is Yellowware? Yellowware was the utilitarian pottery of the 1800's.  This article will provide a brief history and explain types of glazes and forms which were produced.  It will also list major pottery manufacturers and identifiable traits.  Can add color to a modern setting as well as a decorating scheme more traditional or country.  Each piece was hand-thrown in the 1800's with production switching to the use of molds in the 1920's.  Each collector finds one period more attractive and interesting than the other. The following tidbits will increase your understanding as well as possibly shed light on which.......

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Engagement Bangles

Story of the Engagement Bangle

These bangles were originally produced between 1890 and 1915.  They are almost all gold-filled which is the gold-filled of the Victorian era and not of today.  This means they are high quality and will not turn or wear-off like those pieces from today.  The bracelets are one hundred years old and are still in good condition so you will not harm them or wear them out in your lifetime either.  Since they are not solid gold, they won't dent or ding as easily and can be worn on a more daily basis.  You clean with a normal polishing special.......

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Victorian English Silver

Victorian English Silver History

These Victorian sterling silver pieces originated in England.  Most were produced either in the Chester or Birmingham regions of England during the 1880's to the turn of the century. This period was known for the Aesthetic Movement which meant that art was produced strictly for the sake of art and not for a specific purpose. This movement began with the Japanese; therefore, many of the designs have Japanese undertones such as the swallows, bamboo, sunflowers, and butterflies. This movement was obviously connected to nature and meant to be somewhat sensual. Each design was chosen for its simplicity in stylizing it.......

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Country Living
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Country Living 2005

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