Round Top Fall 2022 Show Letter

As fall sneaks in bit by bit each day, we begin witnessing the decadent jewel tones of nature and the sanctuary our homes represent.  With this, our excitement grows to share the lush, exceedingly special, and carefully selected pieces which will add harmony, serenity, and happiness to your day.  Round Top will be upon us shortly, and we cannot wait to see you in our usual spot, Booth 380 at the BIG RED BARN at the Original Round Top Antiques Fair.  Show runs October 24 - 29.  Advance tickets are available to purchase at

Whether it is the absolutely amazing early Amish crib quilt, incredibly unique jewelry hand-crafted for a special loved one, or the amassed collection of majolica, each of our pieces was not only selected by us with love for you to enjoy but also created for someone exceedingly special to the original purchaser/creator.  Focused on layering with texture and savory colors but not forgetting the quiet elegance of simplicity, our booth will be a visual feast of the best of the best and the most wonderful pieces we have ever offered.

-          An incredible pair of large (54”x28”) arched ivory-painted louvers capable of gracing any room

-          A massive (25”x13”), perfectly patinated, early copper downspout - will inspire many conversations

-          Quilts of all colors and unique patterns…most are one-of-a-kind patterns from a curated collection…the VERY BEST blue and white, a striking purple and yellow with small pieces, an unusual mesmerizing yellow and green large floral with waterlilies around the edge, a special pink and green with hearts as flowers, striking green and white geometric, and even a few early 1800’s in varied fabrics which you know were made for warmth while adding beauty and love to the room…plus lots more

-          Amish crib quilt  - wool, 1800’s, Pennsylvania, most sought after “Diamond in a Square” pattern

-          Coverlets in the richest of blue…one consumed with incredible birds’ nests and momma birds while the other has a majestic eagle border

-          Wonderful double bird and hearts hooked rug (most likely doves) as well as a large colorful double rooster with jewel tone plumage – both mounted and ready to hang

-          Speaking of birds…we have the TALLEST tom turkey German candy container plus two nice size hens,

-          Savory colors abound in the MASSIVE MAJOLICA collection exuding violet, plum, teal, chocolate, and velvety green colors..rare pitchers with birds, an extraordinary Punch Bowl, an ENTIRE Asparagus set complete with server, platters, compote with BUTTERFLIES…WOW, owl and fish pitchers in various colorways, fish pitchers of all sizes, oyster plates, George Jones pieces, and so very much more

-          Warmth of home can be found in the unusual, HUGE rectangular COPPER pan and massive pitcher

-          IRONSTONE is a quiet, yet exciting favorite…you should have heard seen our eyes dance as we found each foot bath…yes…we have them…7 FOOT BATHS…various sizes, shapes, and patterns…plus an extraordinary HUGE rectangular shallow pan with pouring lip unlike anything we have ever seen, a matching pair of PURE BUTTER slabs, a rectangular PURE BUTTER, a PARNALL large round Pure Butter, a small “butter” lidded piece, TWO DRAINERS, and quite possibly best of all two HUGE butcher platters with the PARNALL stamp loud and proud on the front….yes…we will have some of most interesting geometric and unusual floral pitchers, amazing large FIG soup tureen with underplate, nests of platters and plates, compotes, and tons more

-          Somehow TRANSFERWARE speaks to the heart in the MASSIVE platters we have found in brown, lavender, green, and blue….even a few have animals…plus the most amazing large Punch Bowl in brown as well as one in a rich cobalt…a smaller one in Gaudy Dutch…and not to be forgotten the incredible FOOT BATH in blue plus several pitchers in reds, blues, and greens




-          Possibly our favorites are the CHEESE DOMES in early English salt glaze – one with horses and the other with cows plus the best collection of pitchers and syrups with flowers and plants in natural shapes such as cattails, tulips, ferns…all color glazes in soft green, lovely blue, and crisp white

-          Yellowware and Rockingham will always have bits of our hearts as that is truly how our story began so it is only fitting that we found some of the most special…a RARE BENNINGTON seated dog, MASSIVE Bennington URN with lid…just a WOW, very special LION in yellowware, scarce solid yellow pepper pots as well as a few with rare banding and decoration, unusual earthworm decorated pitcher, black seaweed mug, and even a large rare blue seaweed master waste bowl plus so many molds both small and large, bowls, nappies, canning jars, and even a rare SIGNED rectangular platter.

-          Umbrella Stands and Stag water coolers have become a staple in our booth and this jewel toned,  textured, nature-inspired booth would not be complete without a MATCHING pair in cobalt with waterlilies, a fabulous blended-glazed one with a Native American rowing a canoe, solid yellow ones of various shades and patterns, perfect green and cream shades of a “Cathedral Windows”, rich chocolate brown and yellow with climbing flowers and waterlily plus so many more…and yes…even the most captivating deep cobalt blue “Stag” water cooler.

Opulence and beauty radiate from each piece we have carefully selected for your home as well as for you personally.  Our jewelry cases will be packed with the most special pieces we have ever offered.  Whether you prefer for your pieces to be quiet which invites someone to lean in and listen to your heart or to provide more of a statement to show the world you know who you are…or simply you love the character, whimsy, and uniqueness our antique pieces provide over modern day objects.  Each piece represents craftsmanship, details, uniqueness, and personalization not found today. No doubt you will find something which speaks to you and offers you a bit of happiness for the day when you need it most. Our offerings are much like a pirate’s bounty!  You will just not believe what we have found and are offering!

-          Bold chains and compasses in either silver or gold can provide direction and be given so someone always knows she has a way to find her way back home….chains of all lengths, links, in both gold and silver plus numerous compasses in all metals and sizes

-          Trombone chains are still all the rage…how lucky are we that we have found several in all chunkiness levels in gold(9 and 14kt) and silver…a few similar enough so you can put two together to make the impossible 30” length…..even have a few pairs of earrings and bracelets!!

-          VERY EARLY 1800’s Georgian hand crafted 18kt gold chains in various lengths and links…ooh!!

-          Not one but two wide GOLD buckle bangles plus even a few high quality gold-filled ones…RARE!

-          Want a buckle but prefer something just a bit more unique?  DOUBLE BUCKLE with cobalt blue enameling and unreal wire work for the prongs on the buckle in 15kt…sigh!

-          Love PERSIAN TURQUOISE?….Very best 15kt bangle with TQ and wirework…luscious, a super rich 15kt gold pendant/pin with double buckles and prettiest Persian TQ highlights, a sunburst pendant filled with turquoise, special SNAKE with TQ highlights to be worn alone or added to your #neckmess, earrings of double flowers in just the right size, unusual & special teardrop like orb with TQ bits!!

-          WIDE…did we say WIDE?...15kt gold woven bracelet…not one but two…ooh la la for sure!!!

-          Stunning 15kt wide flat rectangular link collar – so smart and modern yet early 1800’s!

-          Fabulous wide chunky link 15kt bracelet – oh how Makala wishes it would fit her

-          Feeling a need to update and add something special to your watch fob/pendant collection?  A standing horse, eagle, bird, luscious amethyst under a pyramid, jaw dropping amethyst spinner, unusual

SQUARE spinner plus many more shapes and sizes of spinners…we bought an entire collection of fobs in not only gold (9kt and 15kt) but also gold-filled and sterling!!




-          Missed out on the orbs last year?? Well…we have the largest and most incredible one ever in 15kt, totally encrusted with Persian turquoise and wire work!!! WOW! WOW! Plus normal-sized ones with bits of turquoise, wirework, and even some in gold-filled. 

-          Spectacular link bracelets in 15kt gold set with the best color amethyst stones and one with garnets…Makala would love to keep as they speak to you when held and are perfect for layering or alone…these are SPECIAL.

-          GOLD BANGLES with diamonds, extra deep engraving, light engraving, narrow buckles, and even plain…find one to add something to your stack

-          Where do we start with EARRINGS??  Warm citrine pendants, large citrine pendants, INCREDIBLY SHOW STOPPING Jet pendants, rock crystals to emulate lemon diamonds, extraordinary rock crystals of massive size, bold rock crystals with wirework spokes like a wheel, the most DECADENT rich violet amethysts in 15kt, sweet light amethysts double teardrops, light amethyst pendants topped with square citrines, diamond and platinum fancy pendants, extra special and very rare emerald green (1820’s)….and so many more!

-          15kt gold early Georgian knotted belt and buckle completely filled with raised prong set, perfectly colored amethyst

-          Sweetest and most special 15kt gold bangle with perfectly paired Persian turquoise and pearls

-          Victorian gold watch chains of all karats, links, and lengths as well as long guards in super special links as well as the very best round link rolo chain we have had in YEARS

-          Horseshoe pendants in gold, silver, encrusted with garnets, large and small….even gracing the prettiest silver bangle

-          Silver trombones, long guards, rolo round link chains of all lengths

-          Victorian silver bracelets in various widths and wrist sizes including a most special one with rose gold flower highlights and even a matching padlock

-          Silver lockets with birds, flowers, geometrics, and buckles…perfect to update your current chain or for holiday gifts

-          Silver bangles with birds, geometrics, and buckles as well…each has a personal meaning and perfect for gifting as these were all originally gifts.  Have the VERY best completely engraved wide buckle…just WOW, special shirt cuff, and even a larger buckle perfect to stack as not as wide

-          Just like the yellowware, our roots are firmly planted in the gold-filled BANGLES…..such a selection –monograms, flowers, large center stones, eagles, lions…various widths, wrist sizes, and colors of stones…sure to find one to add to your stack or perfect for that special gift

-          In keeping with the gold-filled we have always offered…we even have a few high quality, early watch chains, fobs, dangle earrings with lots of movement, and even a VERY COOL double snake bangle.

We just cannot express how much we have enjoyed our shopping trips since we saw you last.  We have had the best time and feel so very fortunate to have found truly the VERY BEST pieces ever.  Thank you for allowing us to have seen so many sights and enjoyed the ride so much!  We cannot wait to see all of you and see what you select from our journeys.  Everyone and everything is deserving of beauty and it is our goal to bring beauty to each day when you wear your special pieces or enjoy the serenity of your home.  AS ALWAYS, you are more than welcome to discuss any of these pieces or the many which we could not name.  Email us at or call/text 618-406-4657.  Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @mundayantiques.  Safe travels our friends!!  SEE YOU SOON!

Makala and Sandy Munday

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