We strive to offer the best and most unique jewelry and ceramics with a focus on artistic appeal. Our vast inventory caters to collectors on all levels as well as designers. Shopping with us is an experience. With over twenty years in the business, we look forward to assisting you in achieving just the right look.

The end result should exude happiness in your everyday world. This is just a snippet of our offerings; feel free to contact us anytime to discuss ideas. We look forward to forging new relationships as well as working with our faithful followers.


Whether you are looking for a pitcher, platter, or that elusive foot bath, we have it! Browse our selections for a single piece or a grouping. Contact us if you would like to view a grouping or prefer more options.

Specialty Ironstone

Originally used in a grocer or dairy display window, these commercially used ironstone specialty pieces are sure to be your most coveted. We are always searching for the pure butter slab and accompanying pieces.


Variety of decoration and form abounds. From the simple banded bowls to the extremely scarce mocha decorated canister, all level of collectors are sure to find the perfect addition.

Mochaware & Yellowware

Recently acquired lifetime collection of some of the best mochaware and earthworm-decorated pieces of yellowware. These are the "Holy Grail" of the yellowware realm and were created by the most prolific and experienced potters. Decoration found on these pieces is nothing short of tremendous.

English Victorian Gold Jewelry

Custom-made in the 1800's, each piece was created to convey a special meaning. For example, this compass would have been given as a reminder one could always come home again. Browse our selection as you are certain to discover a connection and a piece which tugs on your heart strings.

Exquisite Jewelry

English Victorian gold chains and pendants possess personality and allow you to create a unique look. Chains can be combined with modern jewelry and layered to add extra pizzazz.

Engagement Bangles

Engagement bangles were the predecessor to the diamond ring and were originally with her married monogram. Monogrammed bangles are now worn to denote either the last name, first name, or stacked as three to form the complete monogram.

Monogrammed Engagement Bangles

Classified as engagement bangles, the intricately engraved bangles were custom-made for the recipient with no two alike. These were then stacked with the original monogrammed bangle; thus, stacks of either all floral or a mix of floral and jeweled ones allow one to create a unique and interesting look today.

English Silver Jewelry

Watch chains and Victorian short chains can be wrapped numerous times to create a layered effect or can be used to accompany your favorite locket or pendant. They provide a unique alternative for your "go to" standard chain. Cannonball adorned chains are one of our favorites. Browse our selection to find yours.

Victorian Jewelry

Buckle jewelry became all the rage in the mid-1800's during Queen Victoria's reign. Bangles and lockets with this motif are most frequently one's first venture into Victorian jewelry. The locket to the right is the boldest we have seen and has a modern feel yet truly Victorian.

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