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Tremendous Persian Turquoise Gilded Antique English Hinged Cuff Bangle


Fabulous isn't even strong enough to described how special this piece is.  It is unlike anything we have seen.  Persian turquoise completely fills every bit of surface.  Three medallions with spokes extending outward create the central focus with the central medallion being larger.  With their slightly domed shaped, the medallions create lots of dimension and command attention.  

Spokes extend outward from all three medallions and create the transition from the medallions to the remainder of the bracelet.  The turquoise does not end with the medallions as it consumes the remainder of the bracelet.  

Bangle bracelet or cuff, depending on which terminology you prefer, is considered to be gilded. It has retained some of the gold overlay and gilded pieces are a favorite among those who prefer to mix silver and gold jewelry.  Gilded pieces can appear more gold when worn with other gold pieces and on skin tones with a bit more rose whereas they can appear more silver when worn with other silver pieces. This chameleon-like property makes this a favorite of ours as it is more versatile.

A hidden hinge is located behind the center medallion. Hinge is in proper working order.

Bracelet/Cuff terminates in rounded, smooth ends which meet in the back.  

Comfortable to wear and sits nicely on the wrist.  Measuring 6.25" inner circumference with the center medallion measuring a full 1" wide, it fits a smaller-than-average wrist.  Since it is hinged, it could accommodate a slightly larger wrist size than the 6.25".  

Stones are all original and in proper order.  Gilding is worn and shows normal age.  No issues.

Again, one of our favorites as it is stunning and certainly not for the faint of heart.  Perfect for someone who loves turquoise and is searching for a bold bracelet other than one that is Southwest. 

Dating to the 1880's, it is a perfect example of an English Victorian piece.  Persian turquoise became all the rage due to Prince Albert's specially designed brooches for the wedding train attendants when he wed Victoria.  Much of Queen Victoria's jewelry was adorned with this stone which also symbolized empowerment and was to believed to have held special healing properties.  

Victorian jewelry originated in England with the period from 1861-1885 known as The Grand Period. We specialize mostly in jewelry from this era.  It is bolder in construction as this time frame saw women’s roles transitioning.  A switch from dainty to bold construction was demanded due to women becoming more prevalent in business and demanding the right to vote.  This move to a bolder look and increased demand was also attributed to the middle class having more access to higher paying jobs and being able to emulate the wealthy.  Jewelry was used as a sign of a woman’s wealth and place in society; thus, the more jewelry a woman wore, the wealthier she appeared.  Women of this period were no different than women today; each enjoyed her own style and her pieces were special and significant to her.  Her personality emanated from her jewelry.


6.25" inner circumference


Gilding is in excellent condition with the normal wear. Stones are all original and in proper order. Hinge is in fine working condition.



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