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Rib and Curtain 8" Green-Glazed Yellowware Bowl


Measuring 8.25" in diameter, this is the only time we have seen this pattern in this size. With its incredibly deep green glaze, this is an absolutely striking bowl. Deep, narrow fluted ribs extend from the base to the shoulder with a thin squiggly line on the shoulder forming the curtain. This is an incredibly rare pattern and only surfaces a few times every year or two. The few times they do surface are usually a 10" size. This medium size bowl is in pristine condition with no condition issues. Unknown maker but possibly Red Wing but definitely 1920's. Standing 8" high, this is a fabulous green-glazed yelloware pitcher with a latice-work trellis background and a blooming rose vine in the foreground. This "Rose on Trellis" pattern can be found in this green glaze as well as in blue and cream and blue and white glazes. Measuring 8" tall, this is the taller of the two different sizes produced in the 1920's. It exhibits a medium to dark green glaze and highly detailed pattern. With its slightly, low bulbous shape and fatter overall shape, it has quite the presence. Pristine condition. No issues. We specialize in working with decorators and individuals alike due to our extensive inventory so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are searching for something in particular or are trying to fill a cupboard.


8.25" diameter


Pristine condition. No condition issues.

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