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Incredible Green-Glazed Yellowware Moon and Stars Bowl


Just WOW! One of the prettiest grass green glazed yellow ware bowls ever. Glaze and crisp pattern could not get any better. To top it off, the shape of the bowl is also incredibly unique. Measuring 7.25" in diameter and 4" high, this is shape bowl was produced for an even more limited time than the overall pattern. Produced by the Watt Pottery Company in the 1920's, the "Moon and Stars" pattern was produced in this grass green glaze as well as a light blue, matte white, and pumpkin glaze. Traditional mixing bowl style bowls in sizes ranging from 5" to 11.5" as well as tiny 3" salesman sample bowls, casseroles, and pitchers were all produced in this pattern. This was not Watt's primary focus so their production runs were very small so as a result this is a rather scarce pattern. Condition is excellent. Please contact us to see this pattern in other glazes as well as possible other sizes. . Check out our other listings as we have an extensive selection of green bowls listed on the website as well as others in inventory so feel free to contact us to inquire about others.


7.25" diameter


Pristine Condition. No chips, cracks, or repairs.

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