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Stunning Smaller Wrist Citrine Lovely Wirework Engagement Bangle


Not only are bangles with citrines rare but ones that are smaller-than-average are even scarcer.  The yellow citrine central stone couldn't be any more perfect and any better color.  Endless loops of wirework surround the beautifully faceted center stone.  

Measuring 1" wide at the widest point just adds to the perfection of this bangle.  It is an optimal width to either wear alone or stack with others.  Its oval shape allows it to fit nicely to the wrist.

A fabulous choice for a bangle which has pizzazz but can be subtle all at the same time.  

Measuring just 6.75" inner circumference, it will easily fit an average size wrist as well as those with smaller-than-average wrists. Bangles with large stones usually run large; thus, this was definitely a custom-made bangle for a petite woman.  

A true unicorn in the world of engagement bangles given its small size, rare colored central stone, and overall presence.


6.75" inner circumference


Excellent condition with a properly functioning hinge. Snaps nice and snug. Stays shut when lightly tugged. No issues.



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