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Unusual Green-Glazed Small Pitcher with Children


Super cool small green glazed yellowware pitcher with children embossed on each side. Measuring only 2.75" high and measuring 4.25" from spout to handle, this is perfect to add variety to your small bowl collection or green-glazed collection. Pristine condition and incredibly detail to the pattern. We have only seen this little pitcher once before and it was in green and cream glaze not this overall green glaze. On one side the children are hugging each other while on the other they are just meeting one another. The vertical vines on each side of the couple add even more allure. With the medium green glaze slightly darker at the base, the shaded glaze is particular striking. Not quite as green as some bowls but most certainly would blend well with them. Please take a look at our listings for other small bowls as well as green-glazed yellow ware ones.


2.75" high


Pristine Condition. No chips, cracks, or repairs.

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