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Fabulous Huge Green Seaweed-Decorated Yellowware Bowl


Measuring an incredible 15" in diameter and 6.5" high, this is a fabulously large yellow ware bowl. With extremely long stretches of green seaweed decoration engulfing the central white band, this bowl has some of the very best decoration we have seen. Not only does it have incredible decoration but it is also a wonderful size. The base bowl is a rich golden yellow which is accentuated by the rich chocolate brown bands outlining the central white band. The long stretches of green decoration are highly detailed and in the very best emerald green color. Seaweed decoration such as this was done by a master potter on bowls, pitchers, butter crocks, and more. Green decoration is not as commonly seen as blue. Most decoration is found in shorter stretches as it was much harder to achieve such a long elaborate stretch of decoration. As if all of this was not enough, it is in excellent condition with no damage. We strive to find the very best and unique so please take a look at our other listings for other seaweed-decorated or mochaware pieces. We specialize in yellowware and have an extensive inventory so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are searching for something in particular or are trying to fill a cupboard.


15" diameter


Excellent condition - no damage.

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