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Fabulous Blue and White Banded Jeffords Pottery Company Yellowware Colander


Measuring 12" in diameter and 5.25" high, this is an incredible yellowware blue and white banded colander. Yellowware colanders are often considered the "Holy Grail" of yellowware collecting. With only a handful of yellowware colanders surfacing in the past twenty years, this is one of only two we have seen with the Jeffords mark. The blue Jeffords diamond mark used in the mid-1800's can be found on the bottom. Thin blue and white bands outline almost the entire outer body of this light yellow colander. With a star pattern of holes in the bottom extending onto the bottom portion of the bowl, this colander is in perfect condition. The bowl is formed onto a foot with two holes on the side.. A string or wire would have been woven through the holes in the side. The colander would then be hung on the kitchen wall by this string or wire. Not only was it a gorgeous, functional piece, but it also was a beautifully displayed piece in the kitchen. A spectacular piece for any collection.


12" diameter


No chips or cracks.

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