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Narrow Shirt Cuff English Silver Antique Bangle


Fabulous narrow shirt cuff motif, English silver bangle.  Shirt cuff motifs are closely related to the buckle.  Less common than buckles and always interesting.  Narrow ones such as these are always wonderful to find as they can be stacked with others. Narrow English bangles do not surface often and this one is particularly fabulous.  The lovely plain button plays on the intricate design of the all encompassing ivy pattern.  Ivy symbolized everlasting love; thus, this bangle was given as a meaning of one's loyalty and love.  Measuring 6.5" in inner circumference, this is a typical size for these English buckle bangles.   Only 1/2" wide, again, this is narrower than most.  It is incredible on its own but would be incredible stacked with a traditional buckle or a floral.  Hallmarks are impressed in the interior of the back of the bangle.

One of the most popular motifs in English silver bangles is the buckle.  This fascination is due to the unusual subject matter as well as symbolic meaning.  In Victorian times, the buckle signified loyalty, strength, and protection. 

Dating primarily to the 1880's, these English silver jewelry pieces are extremely special.  Each piece was produced for a specific woman.  These were not randomly produced.  During Queen Victoria's reign, this jewelry became popular as she, herself, would wear the jewelry in order to promote the industry.  The pieces were made for the English market and not for export. Hence, these pieces are not commonly seen in the U.S.  

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6.5" inner circumference


Hinge is in good working order. Clasp closes tightly. Passes the tug test so very secure and perfect to wear. No major or unsightly dings, dents, issues. Has a safety chain for extra security.

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