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14kt Dainty Almandine Garnet Antique English Gold Earrings with Dangles


Truly in keeping with early Victorian jewelry, these earrings have a dainty yet powerful, look.  A three-part construction allows them to have lots of movement and flow.  Earrings with movement are incredibly special and command subtle attention.  The lightly engraved top triangluar portion also has the French wires molded into them.  Center portion has nice curved flowing lines creating an almost diamond shape.  A highly domed pyramid forms the central focus with a prong set almandine garnet for the apex.  Almandine garnets trend toward violet and purple and these are no different.  They exhibit a lovely mid-purple color.

Due to Australia's loyalty to the monarchy, almandine garnets were frequently used in Victorian jewelry.  They are unique in that the color is unlike any other exhibited by a natural stone.

Earrings are a gorgeous 14 kt yellow gold.  No dents, dings, or issues.  All original.

The bottom portion of the earring moves freely and is similar to a tassel. This addition is simply the icing on the cake as these have nice overall drop length and have lovely quiet presence.  Perfect for someone desiring something different and very wearable.


1.75" x .75" wide


Excellent condition. No issues. All original. Wires are original and in proper order.

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