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Gorgeous Jade Pendant Earrings on 15 karat Gold Wires


Just gorgeous!  Jade pendants are extended from jade balls with 15 karat gold chains.  15 karat gold wires extend from the top balls. Jade was revered as having healing properties and was reserved for only pieces for the very wealthy.  Thus, these earrings were commissioned for someone of extreme wealth and quite possibly to promote health.

Having a full 1.5" drop and measuring .25" wide at the bottom of the pendants, these have plenty of pizzazz without being bold.  The color of the jade is a brilliant jelly bean, emerald green.  There are some of the natural inclusions which make these even better as it is proof they are natural stones.

15 karat gold wire and French hooks are a brilliant yellow.  The contrast of the green of the jade with the buttery yellow gold is amazing.  Absolutely perfect for everyday wearing or to compliment that stark white blouse..

Victorian jewelry originated in England with the period from 1861-1885 known as The Grand Period. We specialize mostly in jewelry from this era.  It is bolder in construction as this time frame saw women’s roles transitioning.  A switch from dainty to bold construction was demanded due to women becoming more prevalent in business and demanding the right to vote.  This move to a bolder look and increased demand was also attributed to the middle class having more access to higher paying jobs and being able to emulate the wealthy.  Jewelry was used as a sign of a woman’s wealth and place in society; thus, the more jewelry a woman wore, the wealthier she appeared. 

9kt gold became all the rage during this time as it was more affordable for the upper middle class, and it allowed them to denote their rising status in society.  The vast majority of gold jewelry found during this period is of this karat content.  Earrings, bangles, and chains were now being worn during the day and were no longer reserved for evening.  Women of this period were no different than women today; each enjoyed her own style and her pieces were special and significant to her.  Her personality emanated from her jewelry.



1.5" total length


Stones are in excellent condition with no cracks or chips. Wires and hooks are in proper order.

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