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Massive 15.5" Blue Earthworm Yellow Ware Bowl


A true showstopper!  Measuring a whopping 15.5" in diameter, this is a massive yellowwae bowl with unbelievable decoration.  A deep rusty brown, milky white, and cornflower blue slip dots overlap one another to create the worm which boldly encircles the top half of the bowl.  Matching cornflower blue bands outline the top fat rolled as well as the bottom of the worm section.  These colors perfectly accentuate the buttery yellow base bowl

Bowls of this size are rare as there were few produced and even fewer survived due to their weight when filled with dough.  This is only one of three mixing bowls we have seen with worm decoration making the combination of its size and decoration a true "must have" for any yellowware collector.

Excellent condition with a few shallow flakes on the foot.  A few bit of the blue slip banding is missing. No cracks or repairs.  

Purchased from a private collection with other worm decorated pieces.  These pieces have not been on the market in many years, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own some of the best yellow ware pieces ever produced.


15.5" diameter


Excellent condition with only the few shallow flakes on the bottom rim. Blue slip banding has places of loss. No cracks or repairs. Wear to the middle of the bowl.

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