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Intricately Engraved Celtic -Style Large Gold Victorian English Pendant


Simply wonderful mid-1880's English 9 karat gold cross.  Lightly engraved design encompasses the entire surface of the cross with a well-executed flower in the middle.  Flower accentuates the overall shape of the cross as it has flowing lines creating a celtic-shape cross.  

Each tip of the four points of the cross is blossomed out to create the celtic shape.  A bale extends from the top point allowing it to be used as a pendant.  There is a pin portion on the back; thus, it can be worn both as a pin and pendant.

Measuring 2.5" long and 2" wide, it is the perfect size to be worn on either a short or long chain.  It would also be lovely worn on a ribbon for something a bit different. It is of medium size but has a quiet presence due to the intricate, fine engraving and soft yellow coloration of the gold.

Substantial in construction.  Buttery yellow 9 karat gold content provides for the durability.  No condition issues.

Celtic crosses have their roots in Irish lore.  Since Ireland was part of the English Crown during the Victorian period, many Irish symbols can be found throughout the pieces from this era.  

Victorian jewelry originated in England with the period from 1861-1885 known as The Grand Period. We specialize mostly in jewelry from this era.  It is bolder in construction as this time frame saw women’s roles transitioning.  A switch from dainty to bold construction was demanded due to women becoming more prevalent in business and demanding the right to vote.  This move to a bolder look and increased demand was also attributed to the middle class having more access to higher paying jobs and being able to emulate the wealthy.  Jewelry was used as a sign of a woman’s wealth and place in society; thus, the more jewelry a woman wore, the wealthier she appeared. 

9kt gold became all the rage during this time as it was more affordable for the upper middle class, and it allowed them to denote their rising status in society.  The vast majority of gold jewelry found during this period is of this karat content.  Earrings, bangles, and chains were now being worn during the day and were no longer reserved for evening.  Women of this period were no different than women today; each enjoyed her own style and her pieces were special and significant to her.  Her personality emanated from her jewelry.



2" wide x 2.5" long


Excellent condition with no dents, dings, or issues. Pin is all original and in proper order.

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