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14.75" Huge Yellowware Blue Seaweed-Decorated Bowl


Just simply stunning! Measuring 14.75" in diameter and 6.25" high, this is a wonderfully large blue seaweed-decorated bowl. The base bowl is in the absolute best buttery yellow color. Mesmerizing cornflower blue outlines the extra wide white band encircling the top portion of the bowl. Unlike most bowls, this one has an inordinate amount of decoration. Creating decoration on pieces took great skill and especially ones which extend for such long periods such as this. Some decoration has the appearance of being just blobs but this one is perfectly feathered and exactly resembles seaweed for which the decoration was named.

The large sections of decoration almost completely fill the white band but yet it has just the right balance of white showing. A fat top rolled rim as well as a thick rolled foot indicate this was an early piece dating to the mid-1800's. Not only does this bowl have all the bells and whistles done in an expert fashion but the size is fantastic. Large bowls such as these are heavy on their own and then once filled with dough become cumbersome. When one does find bowls of this size, they are usually badly damaged from hard use and being unwieldy. Given its superb decoration, large size, and wonderful condition, this is a true treasure. No condition issues and has been professionally cleaned. No staining or spots. Perfect for the centerpiece for your table or counter. Would be absolutely lovely with two others stacked inside so please check our other listings. Since we specialize in yellow ware, we have an extensive inventory so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are searching for something specific and do not find it listed. We enjoy working with decorators and individuals filling a cupboard so never hesitate to contact us to allow us to help you select several pieces.


14.75" diameter


Pristine Condition. No chips, cracks, or repairs.

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