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Unusual Rockingham Yellowware Embossed Canning Jar


Outstanding medium chocolate glaze completely accentuates this buttery yellow base canning jar.  Teardrop embossing extends downward onto the straight slanted lower portion while smaller teardrops extend upward onto the slightly curved upper portion.  Embossing such as this is attributed to the Jeffords Pottery Company.

Jeffords was considered to the be one of the highest quality makers of yellowware in the 1800's.  Very few of their pieces were covered with rockingham glaze originally and even fewer still exist.  It is unknown if these few examples were purely experimental or done at the end of production runs just for fun.

Standing 7.75" tall, this is a rather large canning jar with much presence.  Canning jars are one of our favorite forms in yellowware as there are many different sizes and shapes.  It could be a collection on its own.  Ones with rockingham glaze are seldom found as this is only one of a hand full we have seen in our twenty years.

Excellent condition with no chips, cracks or repairs.  Has typical roughness at the top where the wax sealant would have been cut off.  


7.75" tall


Excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs. Just typical roughness at the top



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