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Outstanding Large Blue & White Banded Jeffords Yellowware Bowl


Measuring 13.75" in diameter and 6" high, this is a fantastic large yellow ware bowl. With its numerous cobalt and white bands on a base summery yellow base, this is a perfect example of a Jeffords' Pottery bowl. Jeffords was like the Neiman Marcus of the yellowware world. Based in Philadelphia in the 1800's, Jeffords produced what is deemed possibly the best and most interesting pieces of utilitarian yellowware. Most of their pieces had lots of bands which added cost to the pieces but yet would not be reflected in the any additional profit. Blue bands were achieved by adding cobalt to the base white slip. Cobalt was expensive and again added cost to the production of such pieces. Jeffords' attention to detail was superior such as adding feet to a normal round serving bowl called a nappy and adding cobalt to so many of their white bands. Often yellowware collectors consider Jeffords pieces to be the ultimate pieces in a collection consisting of banded or embossed pieces. Jeffords pieces are just as exceptional as seaweed-decorated pieces. All of the bands are crisp and clean with no blurring. Base yellow ware bowl is also clean with no staining or spotting. No chips or cracks which is incredible given its large size. Bowls of this size were heavy on their own and then became cumbersome when filled with dough. Due to their weight and size, these bowls were easily dropped or damaged. Given this one's particular size and decoration, it is truly one of the best and would be a fabulous centerpiece to anchor a cupboard.


13.75" diameter


No chips, cracks, or repairs.

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