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Luscious 30" 15 karat Gold Tightly Woven Rolo Link English Watch Chain


Exceptional 15 karat Gold Tightly Woven Rolo Link English Watch Chain

Measuring not quite 30" long at 28.3", this is a rarity as most chains are under 16" or 56" plus.  Being all original with an original dog clip makes this a true treasure.

Dog clip matches the color of the chain beautifully leading one to believe they were made at the same time and have always been together.  

15 karat gold pieces have become not only scarce but also the most desirable of all pieces in today's Victorian jewelry collecting.

With its slightly robust size links and abnormal length, this is one of the best chains one could possibly acquire.  It beautifully matches the bold compass also listed.  

Links are smooth and will not catch on sweaters nor irritate sensitive skin.


28.3" long


Excellent condition with no weak links. All original. Working and secure dog clip.



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