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Lovely Flowing Wide English Silver Tassel Pendant Fob


Being 1" wide and 1.5" long, this has such presence.  Ornate engraving in the top frame perfectly balances the width of the fingers of the tassel.  Each finger of the tassel terminates in a ball. Each finger of the tassel has fluid movement.  

Most tassels are round and a third the width.  This wide and thick allowing it to have incredible presence without being overpowering.  Quiet yet substantial.  Can easily be worn on its own or combined with a medal or another typical round tassel.

Excellent condition with no issues.

Dates to the 1880's and was original worn as a watch fob in England. 


1.5" long


Excellent condition with no issues. Each tassel terminates with its original ball. No kinks or issues which allows tassel to flow easily.



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