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Scarce Yellowware Mini Smooth Heart Mold


Measuring only 3" across at the widest portion of the heart, this is one of the hardest yellow ware miniature molds to find. There are reportedly seventeen different forms of miniature molds. Some yellowware collectors are fascinated with these miniature molds and are on the hunt to find each one. This smooth heart is one of the most elusive. There is also a fluted heart which you will see a half dozen fluted hearts to every smooth one. There are a few tiny shallow glaze flecks on the top edge but no other issues. Produced by the Yellow Rock Pottery Company in Philadelphia during the mid-1800's, this one is not marked. Sometimes these miniature molds are marked with the Yellow Rock circle mark. Makes the perfect gift for any yellow ware collector and is absolutely beautiful in any collection or as a part of grouping in a larger bowl. We specialize in yellow ware and have an extensive inventory so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are searching for something in particular or are trying to fill a cupboard.




Excellent condition with only the minor shallow glaze flakes as mentioned, no cracks, and no other issues.

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