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Special Small Sweet Lion Gold-Filled Bangle


Most Victorian gold-filled lion bangles are bold, large, and flamboyant.  This one is unlike those in that it is dainty yet still encompasses all the wonderful traits desired in a lion bangle.  Thick structural gold wirework and a sweet lion head form the alluring decoration.  Perfect for someone wanting a lion bangle but prefers smaller and simpler jewelry.

Measuring a touch under one inch wide at the widest point, it will even stack nicely with other bangles.  Most lions are too wide to nest well with others.

Definition and detail to the lion is unmatched.  He is sweet without being ferocious.  

Fits an average to even a smaller-than-average wrist.  Measures 7" inner circumference.

Excellent condition with no issues.  Hinge and enclosure are in proper order.


7" inner circumference


Excellent condition with a properly functioning hinge. Snaps nice and snug. Stays shut when lightly tugged. No issues.



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