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Superior Blue Seaweed-Decorated Yellow Ware Bowl


WOW!  What a gorgeous bowl!  Measuring 12" in diameter, this is a generous-sized bowl with incredible decoration.  Not only does it have blue seaweed decoration but the decoration is also done in a tulip pattern.  This had to have been done by a very experienced potter and was most likely done to show his skills. 

Very few pieces surface with seaweed decoration due to the additional expense and time involved in creating such pieces.  Cobalt was added to the white slip in order to achieve the blue coloration.  This was then applied in a thick band which can be seen as the veining or main stem of the seaweed.  Through capillary action and turning of the bowl, the pattern was then created.  It really is amazing when you consider the methods used to create such a masterpiece.  Hence, pieces such as these and ones that have an additional pattern to the seaweed are works of art and a true treasure.

They just don't get any better than this.  It has a fabulous thick rolled top rim as well as the base.  Crisp, concise decoration.  Excellent condition with no issues.  Retains the original shine to the glaze.  

Will not disappoint and sure to be one of your favorites.  Perfect addition to an already established yellowware collection or the first of many to come.


12" diameter


Excellent condition with no chips, cracks, repairs, or stains.



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