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Stunning 12.75" Diameter Single Wide White Banded Yellowware Bowl


Our very favorite yellowware pieces are these early bowls with their fat top rolled rims and single wide white bands. Their simplicity and rich coloration are absolutely alluring. The fat rolled top rim indicates it was produced in the mid-1800's as the fatter the top rolled rim, the earlier the bowl. As demand grew and bowls were more mass produced, the care to making the rolled rims decreased and thus the rims became flatter over the years. The lovely unbroken creamy wide white band adds just the right amount of decoration. Measuring 12.75" in diameter and 6" high, this is a nice large example. Bowls with this decoration can be found in various sizes ranging from 8" to 15". Since these are personal favorites, we often have a variety of sizes in inventory and can easily help you assemble a set of three or four. We have a graduated set in our personal collection, and we use them frequently for serving or to simply display fruit on our kitchen counter. This particular bowl has no issues. No damage. No staining.


12.75" diameter


Pristine Condition. No chips, cracks, or repairs.

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