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Lovely Wide Swirls Gold-Filled Engagement Bangle - Larger


Measuring 1.125" wide, this is quite a stunner.  Swirls of leaves are engraved at just the right depth to create a captivating look on the top portion of this early 1900's bangle.  With its slightly domed overall shape and wider-than-average width, this is one to be noticed.  

Its overall commanding appearance lends itself nicely to its ability to accommodate a larger-than-average wrist size.  Measuring 7.5" inner circumference, it is generous and proportioned well to adorn the larger wrist it requires.

Definitely one to be worn alone or possibly stacked with a much thinner one.  Could easily be placed with a link bracelet and used to layer.  A true beauty and unusual to find one of its width.  Most of the bangles are half to three-quarters of an inch wide.  Ones over an inch wide are scarce.

Excellent condition with no issues.  Has even retained an original safety bar for extra security. 



7.5" inner circumference


Excellent condition with a properly functioning hinge. Snaps nice and snug. Stays shut when lightly tugged. No issues.

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