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Extraordinary Blue and White Banded Yellow Ware Colander - THE BEST!


Just WOW!  What a gorgeous piece!  Yellow ware colanders are scarce, and this is the VERY BEST we have ever seen.  Measuring 12" in diameter and 5.75" high, this is a wonderful size.  The banding does not get any better nor crisper.  Brilliant thin white bands are outlined on top and bottom by rich cobalt bands.  

Perfectly round in shape with a wonderful fat rolled top rim.  Excellent foot.  Holes are in a star pattern.  Bowl is in excellent conditon including the interior of the bowl and foot.

 A string or wire would have been woven through the holes in the side. The colander would then be hung on the kitchen wall by this string or wire. Not only was it a gorgeous, functional piece, but it also was a beautifully displayed piece in the kitchen.

A spectacular piece for any collection.

Truly the very best colander we have seen, possibly the best piece we have seen with blue and white bands, and the coloration just doesn't get any better.  Stunning!  


12" diameter


Excellent condition with no chips, cracks, repairs, or discoloration.



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