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Unusual Ironstone Wine Champagne Ice Bucket Jardiniere


WOW!  What an usual and fun ironstone piece!  We have only seen one other wine cooler or champagne bucket.  Possessing molded handles on the sides where a reeded handle is wonderfully attached.  Molded after a true wine, champagne, or ice bucket.  Has a simple wide molded band encircling the top portion.

Nice English mark on the bottom denoting the company which commissioned the piece.  Given this mark, it is no wonder we have not seen several.  Commercial pieces such as this are often harder to find as they saw rougher use and caretakers were not as careful with company pieces as they were with their own personal items.

Measures 11" in diameter, 14" from handle-to-handle, and 9.5" high.  Large substantial size.

Excellent condition with no chips, cracks,, repairs, or discoloration.

Fabulous serviceable piece.  Beautiful while in use and just as appealing when simply displayed.  Would be a lovely receptacle for flowers as well as ice or wine.


11" diameter


Excellent condition with no chips, cracks,, repairs, or discoloration.



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