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Unusual Smaller Bangle with Central Purple Stone & Silver Wirework Highlights


Most bangles with stones are for larger wrists; however, this one is for an average or slighlty smaller-than-average wrist.  Measuring 6.75" inner circumference with an oval shape.  A  deep rich grape colored central stone possesses more a of a purple hue than most.  Set in a silver bezel with leaves and exaggerated swirls extending outward.  

Small bezel set purple stones adorn each side in such a way to emulate smaller grapes or flowers.  Most bangles have gold wirework thus the sterling wirework adds to the uniqueness.

All stones are in excellent condition.  Hinge and clasp are in proper working order.  Stays shut when lightly tugged. 

Each of these bangles was designed for a specific woman; hence there are no two alike.  This one most certainly was.  



6.75" inner circumference


Excellent condition with no issues. Stone is perfect. Hinge and clasp are in proper working order. Stays shut when lightly tugged. Very secure.



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