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Fantastic Victorian Sterling Silver Acorn Earrings - RARE


Unlike any other Victorian sterling silver earrings we have had, these pristine acorn and leaf earrings are real beauties.  Measuring 1" long total and 1" wide from tip of leaf to opposite leaf, they have quite a presence.  Produced in England during the 1880's, these exhibit all the qualities of Victorian English jewelry.

Victorians found symbolism in almost everything.  Acorns were no different.  They had a myriad of meanings from power and longevity to fertility.  Given the sweet boldness of the design and size, these could easily have been given to be worn on her wedding day to insure fertility and long life of the marriage.

Leaves are intricately detailed and uniquely twisted for an added attention to detail.  Acorns are topped with cross-hatching for dimension and accurate depiction of the acorns.  Acorns are nicely formed with good proportions. 

Original French wires which could be changed, if desired.  Excellent condition with no dents, dings, or issues to any of the pieces.  Nice patina.

Early English sterling earrings are scarce and ones which are not engraved medallions or similar in style are basically non-existent.  These came from a private collection and are a true treasure.  They are a "must" and will be sure to be a not only conversation pieces but also worn on a very frequent basis.  Light and easy to wear.

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1" long x 1" wide


Excellent condition. Acorns are pristine with no major dents, dings, or issues. Leaves and wires are all in proper order.



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