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Bold Lion with Leaves Stackable Engagement Bangle - Larger Wrist


Amazing how each lion bangle has its own personality and this one certainly doesn't disappoint.  With the sweetly tipped ears blending into the jungle foliage on the base bange, this lion exhibits protective and bold qualities.  Lion bangles were often given to protect the recipient and this one certainly gives that impression. The lion head slightly extends just past the bangle allowing this to easily be stacked with other bangles, if desired.

Measuring 1.25" across at the widest, this is a fabulously wide bangle without being to over-the-top.

Perfect to be worn on its own as a statement bangle or stacked.

Measuring 7.25" inner circumference, it will accommodate a larger-than-average wrist.

Lion bangles certainly add a distinct and unique element to any wardrobe.  Lions signified royalty, faithfulness, and loyalty.  They were given as a token of strength and protection.

We specialize in these bangles and have a variety of lion bangles in inventory.  If this lion is not quite the look for you, do not hesitate to contact us to see others.  Each was designed for a specific woman; thus, each has its own personality and level of boldness.

These bangles were originally produced between 1890 and 1915. They are almost all gold-filled which is the gold-filled of the Victorian era and not of today. This means they are high quality and will not turn or wear-off like those pieces from today. The bracelets are one hundred years old and are still in good condition so you will not harm them or wear them out in your lifetime either. Since they are not solid gold, they won't dent or ding as easily and can be worn on a more daily basis. You clean with a normal polishing cloth...no special care necessary. These were introduced as engagement bangles. This was the predecessor to the diamond engagement ring. DeBeers created the diamond engagement market in the twenties, but prior to the engagement ring, these bangles were often given. Most will have initials of some variety which would indicate the bride-to-be's new monogram. Some will have an inscription stating one's love or a date which is presumed to be the wedding date. Not all of these bangles have inscriptions nor were given as engagement bangles, but that is how they were introduced to the market. Several can be found with different floral designs on the top, and no two bangles are alike. It is believed that the bangles were personally designed as each flower had a different meaning in Victorian times. The flowers were chosen due to the personality and preference of the recipient. These were truly personalized gifts and not given on a whim. Enjoy and wear your bracelet in good health and harmony.


7.25" inner circumference


Excellent condition. Hinge and clasp are in proper working order. Stays shut when lightly tugged.



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