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Blue Seaweed Decorated Small Yellowware Waste Bowl


Deep cobalt blue seaweed decoration adorns the white band encircling the top of this small waste bowl.  Waste bowls were placed at individual place settings for bones or tea bowls.  Measurring 5.25" in diameter and 3" high, this is the typical size.  

Waste bowls were made for the table unlike most other pieces which were made for the kitchen.It's a special piece and form not found in most other ceramics.  Very indicative of mochaware from the mid to late 1800's.  

Seaweed decoration was produced by advanced potters.  It was created through capillary action.  Cobalt blue decoration was more expensive than simple white or brown.  Blue decoration was achieved by adding cobalt.  Cobalt was very expensive and prices usually did not reflect the added expense.  Perhaps this added cost explains why the decoration on this piece is not nearly as prolific as seen on others.

Sweet and perfect for any collection of either yellowware or one focused on seaweed-decorated.


5.25" diameter


Excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs.



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