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Early Jeffords Multi Blue and White Banded Yellowware Bowl


Absolutely amazing! Measuring 13.75" in diameter, this is a large and fabulous example of an early yellowware bowl with blue and white bands.  Bowls such as these with multiple blue and white bands were most likely produced by the Jeffords Pottery Company in Philadelphia.  Jeffords is revered as the best yellowware maker of the 1800's.  Their pieces are of the highest quality and command some of the top prices.  

Medium yellow coloration of the base yellowware bowl further indicates the bowl dates to the mid-1800's, the earliest part of yellowware production.  Deeper coloration of the base yellow clay is due to more impurities in the clay. Clay was washed for sometimes a year to remove the impurites; however, this was not learned immediately causing many early pieces to be darker in coloration.  Sometimes the darker coloration also means it was fired in a wood-fired kiln rather than gas.  This is also an indication of an earlier piece.

Excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs.  A true favorite.


13.75" diameter


Excellent condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs.



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